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Link Partners offers a few options for submitting your links below...

I put together multiple sites to make it easy to exchange links on one site with all the add link pages to each site. Choose them all or just the site you want to exchange links with...Or I can add your link to all sites for you, details here!

1: Submit To Top Link Trades Here Text Link: 25 Characters Only:
2: Submit To Top Plugs
Here Text Link: 40 Characters Only:
3: Join My Top Sites 468X60 Banner: Join Here:
4: Submit To My Top Ads Here 300X250 Banner Only:

Book Promotions:

1: Book Cover Ads Here Book Cover Only: By Adding A Book Cover Your Cover Will Go On 10 Sites, or your children's book on 14 sites:

I downsized my link and text exchanges and now I have all of my text links on one site with iframes on each site which means when you submit a link to Here your link will go on multiple sites with one submission.

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